SOUPS 200 quick and easy vegetarian & non-vegetarian recipes

Soups — 200 quick and easy vegetarian & non-vegetarian recipes

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About the Book

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Chef Davinder Kumar  – Chef DK for close friends, colleagues & associates – has played a key role in bringing the chef’s profession and the artists behind it recognition and rewards. He has played a vital role in promoting Indian cuisine globally. 

A national tourism award winner himself, Chef DK has written four books which are used as reference books by many aspiring chefs in the trade. He has authored ‘Kebab, Chutney & Bread’; “Just Kebabs: Celebration of 365 Kebabs & one for a Leap Year’, and ‘Four Seasonal Salads’. “I always believed in giving my best to my friends and the fraternity,” he said.

Chef’s latest book — “Second Meals” is now available for purchase.