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Second Meals: Art of Cooking through food scraps​​

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Second Meals front & back Cover Page

The art of cooking with food scraps is a way and style that encourages cooking and eating every part of vegetables and fruits. It is the key to maximise nutrition and minimise food wastage. The recipes in the ‘Second Meals’ promote mindful thinking besides being environmentally friendly and provide innovative options to use food scraps.

All the recipes in this book have been written in a manner that makes it easy to follow. Each recipe has been tried out personally to ensure that it is accurate and perfect. To make preparation simple/easy, the ingredients in this book have been listed in the order in which they are to be used.

Over the years, the one subject which has concerned Chef Davinder Kumar is food waste. Though it is a very vast subject, and the world is focusing on it, He picked up one element of it — scrap. Scraps are unavoidable products derived during food preparation. These scraps, from peel to root and seeds, stems, stalks, etc, are often thrown. However, they are full of nutrients. So, Chef DK thought why not upcycle them into an ingredient and then convert that into a delicious meal.

That is the reason why Chef Davinder Kumar wrote this book; to introduce a sustainable and healthy way to cook food. These recipes give a mindful insight and also an option to use food scraps to cook with innovation and creativity. But Chef would like to reiterate that if the scraps are from organic fruits and vegetables then nothing like it, otherwise one must take full precaution, as we do before using vegetables.

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Chef Davinder Kumar  – Chef DK for close friends, colleagues & associates – has played a key role in bringing the chef’s profession and the artists behind it recognition and rewards. He has played a vital role in promoting Indian cuisine globally. 

A national tourism award winner himself, Chef DK has written four books which are used as reference books by many aspiring chefs in the trade. He has authored ‘Kebab, Chutney & Bread’; “Just Kebabs: Celebration of 365 Kebabs & one for a Leap Year’, ‘Soups’, and ‘Four Seasonal Salads’. “I always believed in giving my best to my friends and the fraternity,” he said.